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What Is IDX?

What is IDX? IDX (Internet Data exchange) permits brokers and agents to access and view MLS listing information for their real estate sites. Also called Broker Commission Junction, the phrase IDX refers to the set of rules, regulations and software that permit MLS data to be displayed on your website. The most common uses of this are allowing brokers and agents to enter a user name and password, viewing recently closed deals and viewing current deals, amongst other things.

The What Is Idx? That Wins Customers

The real estate IDX industry is very competitive and the brokers and agents are always trying to find the best solution for them, whether it is using an MLS for MLS searches or not. In this competitive market, the broker is in constant search of new ways to increase their market share and reduce the cost of marketing. One of the best ways to do that is to have a web portal that allows a user to search the MLS and browse through available properties. By using the Real Estate MLS integration with the Idx Search Engine, brokers and agents can now easily go through the MLS, locate the property they are interested in and even add the property to their list using the online forms.

Studies reveal that a majority of homes for sale on the MLS are currently being sold by real estate agents via the internet. The reasons why this happens are numerous: brokers/asset managers find that when they use MLS listings and social media integration to advertise the properties on their websites, they get more leads, have more prospects reach out to them, have greater chance of closing the deal and have a better ROI. When these properties are sold, the agents have a larger portion of the commission and their websites generate more traffic and exposure, increasing their chances of sales and profits. This means that by using what is IDX and making it available on your websites you are just as if you had gone to a broker’s office and shown him a list of available houses, you are also leveraging the power of the MLS.

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