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Medicare Supplement Plans

Mississippi Medicare has some of the most generous coverage programs available to seniors. However, because of recent Medicare eligibility changes, seniors who were eligible for Medicare supplemental insurance coverage in the past, but are now ineligible because of the change to Medicare Advantage Plans, will need to get assistance from the state resources below in order to find the lowest-cost plan that meets their needs. You can help lower Medicare costs by comparing multiple quotes from health insurance carriers. Medicare Supplement Insurance Rates & Information provide an easy way to compare quotes on Medicare and other types of health insurance.

Understanding Which Options Will Save You

In selecting the right health insurance plan, there are many factors to consider. The premium for a particular policy is one such factor, along with the type of policy (i.e., managed care, etc. ), where you reside, the deductible amount, co-payments, the Boomer Benefits covered, and the payments, if any. Because the new rules for Medicare beneficiaries mean that nearly half of all Medicare beneficiaries will lose their existing coverage, the recent changes in Medicare eligibility rules are having a profound effect on the cost of both Medicare and Medicaid plans. There are some additional factors that will affect health insurance premiums as well, including your current health status, the health of your family, the health of your dependents at present, and your future health care needs. To learn more about the options available to you, Medicare Guide to Medicare Advantage Plans provides a helpful outline of the types of policies and providers available to you.

Contact your local Medicare office to discuss your situation and learn more about how Medicare plans work. Each state’s Medicare Office has specific regulations regarding eligibility for Medicare Advantage Plans and different benefits provided through the program. Although all of the above information is important, knowing that Medigap policies offer the most savings and which may pose a threat to your financial security is crucial. Your local Medicare representative can assist you in more detail and answer any questions you might have.

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