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Inogen Gs-100 At Home Oxygen Concentrator

inogen gs100 at home oxygen concentrator

Inogen oxygen concentrators are used on a prescription basis by people who need supplemental oxygen to live. Oxygen in the blood is vital for all life, but some lung conditions like COPD or complications from the flu can lower it to unhealthy levels. Fortunately, an oxygen concentrator can bring it back to normal by channeling pure oxygen from the air to the body through the nose or mouth.

Our customers call the inogen gs-100 at home oxygen concentrator the best portable oxygen machine because it is lightweight, quiet and can be taken to any room in the house without being tethered to a tank in one specific place. It’s also very energy efficient, using just 100 watts of power at flow setting 2, saving you money on electricity bills. URL inogen gs-100 at home oxygen concentrator –

Getting an inogen oxygen concentrator is an easy process that starts with a valid prescription from your healthcare provider. Fax or email it to Inogen, and their medical team will verify the prescription and approve your order. Then you’ll be able to purchase an inogen oxygen concentrator online with a credit card or bank account.

Unleashing Independence: Inogen GS-100 At-Home Oxygen Concentrator Revolutionizes Oxygen Therapy

To maintain an inogen gs-100, you’ll need to check the filter, cannula and column every week or so. You’ll also need to clean the outside of the unit with a cloth and a mixture of mild liquid detergent from time to time. To access the filter, just press a button on the side of the unit to remove it. You can rinse and dry the filter, but don’t put it back in until it’s completely clean.

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