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First Home Buyer Conveyancing

Whether you are buying your first property or an experienced investor, purchasing and selling property involves a lot of moving parts. From legal and banking requirements to property inspections, there are many upfront and hidden costs involved in the process. It is important to work with a conveyancer Haitch Convey who can provide advice and guidance. A reputable conveyancer will help you make informed decisions and ensure that all contracts and other documents are completed correctly and within the required timeframes.

Which part of conveyancing takes longest?

The most important part of the buying process is to find the right mortgage for you. A home loan expert will open you up to all the options currently on offer, assess your ability to service a loan and provide you with expert advice. They will also advise you on your eligibility for the First Home Buyer Grant (FHOG) if you are a first-home buyer and guide you through the home loan application process.

A good conveyancer will be easily accessible via phone or email and keep you updated throughout the process. They will have local expertise and understand the unique aspects of each area that could impact the property transaction. They will also have relationships with other professionals in the industry like real estate agents and building inspectors to streamline the process.

It is important to choose a conveyancer who can negotiate well with vendors and buyers. They will liaise with all parties to ensure that settlement is a smooth and timely process. They will also ensure that all outstanding debit on the property are paid.

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