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IHR Archive Blog Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads – Which is Best For Your Business?

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads – Which is Best For Your Business?

facebook ads vs instagram ads

The two big players of the social media facebook ads vs instagram ads world are Facebook and Instagram. They are both powerful advertising platforms that can bring a positive ROI for your business when used effectively.

The question is – should you use both or choose one? The answer to that depends on a few factors, like your audience, industry and goals. Both platforms offer different advantages.

Instagram is a highly visual platform that leans toward a younger audience. As such, it works best for businesses that sell products or services that lend themselves to a visually appealing ad. Instagram can also be effective for ad campaigns that seek to generate brand awareness, generate website clicks and increase engagement.

Comparing Instagram and Facebook Ads: Pros, Cons, and Key Differences

On the other hand, Facebook’s user base is older than Instagram’s. The platform also offers a wide range of advertising options, including cost per thousand impressions (CPM), cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA). Facebook can be effective for B2C or service-based businesses that want to drive site traffic and reach a mature audience.

When choosing between Facebook and Instagram, it is important to consider your goal for the ad campaign. For example, an objective such as website clicks should be paired with content that is eye-catching and focuses on a call to action. In addition, it is worth examining your overall social media analytics to see which types of content are performing organically on each platform. For example, Facebook posts that feature a link to a relevant blog post or news article tend to perform better on Facebook than Instagram.

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