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Exterior Construction for Commercial Buildings

Exterior Construction

Exterior Construction covers all of the tasks and projects that take place outside the walls of a building, including building maintenance and landscaping. It’s important that the exteriors of commercial buildings are made to withstand normal wear and tear from the weather. The right materials, along with proper installation, can make a significant difference in how long a structure will last.

Exterior construction requires a wide range of products to complete and protect the exterior walls of buildings. EIFSs and stucco systems offer design options, while silicone-based caulks seal areas prone to expansion and contraction. Masonry sealers prevent water from seeping into concrete decks, while tension cables and traffic deck coatings reinforce and protect concrete structures.

Beyond Walls: Exploring the World of Exterior Construction Projects

Choosing the right exterior materials can also help reduce operational costs. For example, choosing a material that’s a good thermal insulator can significantly reduce air conditioning usage. In addition, a building’s exterior can be designed to optimize daylighting and views by placing skylights in the appropriate locations.

The cladding of the exterior of a building is what gives it its unique character and visual appeal. Popular cladding materials include wood, brick, metal and stone. While each of these materials has their own benefits, wood cladding tends to be the least expensive and is very durable. Brick is another common cladding material, which can be painted or textured. It’s important to consider local labor availability when deciding on which type of cladding to choose. For example, working with brick may require specialized tools that may not be readily available locally.

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