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Drug and Alcohol Test

A urine drug and alcohol test may be required by a doctor when you exhibit unusual behavior. There are several situations in which such a test is necessary, including an arrest, a suspicious behavior, or an employment screening. A medical professional with training in substance abuse can perform the test. The specimens are collected for laboratory testing. For more information, read on. The following are some common scenarios that may warrant a drug and alcohol screen.

When is it Necessary?

drug and alcohol test

Periodic drug and alcohol testing: These tests are uniformly administered and scheduled in advance. They are especially useful for physicals. Some employers use periodic testing every few weeks. Moreover, some companies use this test every year for all employees. However, these tests cannot be selective, and can only detect five common drugs. Nevertheless, there are some employers that may use such tests on a regular basis. Some of these companies use a saliva drug test, which is more sensitive than a standard urine drug and alcohol test.

The use of alcohol-based mouthwash may affect the accuracy of a urine test. Additionally, blood samples do not have a direct correlation with impairment. In addition, blood-based alcohol and drug tests are more accurate than urine tests, which are less reliable indicators of recent consumption. And as for the reliability of these results, it depends on the type of alcohol and drug, which the test is analyzing. The higher the level of the metabolite, the better.

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