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CBD Is Making a Comeback at Your Local Drugstore

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Cbd stores , or cannabidiol, has been a rage at natural-food stores, boutiques and even your local gas station. But there’s so much conflicting information online and little regulation by the FDA about how it works that some doctors and users remain skeptical of its effectiveness or side effects. And because CBD interacts with some prescription drugs (for example, it can alter how quickly your body breaks down some blood pressure medications) and could make certain herbs or supplements more sedative, it’s recommended that anyone considering using it consult their doctor first.

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Several c-store chains got in early on the trend and began stocking CBD products, including Circle K, Sheetz and Yesway, while others opened dedicated CBD departments. However, the craze has since cooled and sales have dropped off significantly during this year’s COVID-19 pandemic. That’s in part because c-stores shifted their focus to safety and supply chain issues during the pandemic, but also because they’ve been slow to reintroduce CBD to consumers after it’s taken a back seat to items such as bottled water and baby wipes.

But there are signs that CBD is poised for a comeback. In March, CVS Health announced it would start selling topical CBD products in its stores nationwide and Walgreens Boot Alliance said it was testing CBD creams at some of its drugstores. In addition, some large pet stores and grocery chains are dipping their toes in the water.

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