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Unlike street prostitutes, a call girl is not visible to the general public and operates her services primarily over the phone. She typically charges higher prices than a street prostitute and exercises considerable discretion in selecting which clients she will meet. Often, she meets her clients in her private home or a client’s hotel room and provides sexual services in exchange for a fee. She may also engage in nonsexual activities, such as conversation and cuddling. FIND OUT

Generally speaking, call girls are adept at reading their clients’ hidden desires over the phone. This skill is especially important when working for a madam, who will usually employ several call girls at once and may be able to provide them with work based on their personalities and preferences.

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Though prostitution is illegal in New York City, many call girls obtain their clients through referrals from other women in the business. Some begin their careers by working for a madam, who will supply them with contacts and locations for rendezvouses in exchange for a cut of their earnings. Others will try to expand their own client bases by exchanging referrals with one another, or by purchasing “books,” or lists of previous customers, from call girls who are leaving the profession.

In addition, some call girls will ask their clients to make explicit requests over the phone. This practice is known as “calling up” and can be a very lucrative part of the industry.

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