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Affiliate Programs For Solar Energy

solar energy affiliate program

Solar energy affiliate program energy has long been an important topic in the global community, especially in residential and government buildings. The rise of renewable and green energy solutions has created an opportunity for affiliates to earn a decent income by promoting these products online.

There are several ways to join an affiliate program, including through Affiliatly and ShareASale. These programs make it easy for you to manage your ad clicks and sales, and they offer generous commissions for successful referrals.

SunJack is a brand that has a great reputation for producing high-quality portable power banks, as well as battery backups and other solar equipment. As an affiliate, you can earn a 10% commission for every sale you refer through the SunJack website.

The Best Solar Panel Affiliate Programs for Affiliates and Partners

LuminAID is an eco-friendly manufacturer of lightweight, rechargeable green lanterns. Its mission is to democratize access to clean, safe lighting, which can be essential in times of disaster. Its affiliate program is a great fit for content creators with a diverse audience of digital nomads, van life lovers, adventure seekers, and other demographics that have a strong interest in sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Shop Solar Kits is a retailer of solar accessories for a wide range of off-grid lifestyles, from RV holidays to energy sources for properties that are off the beaten path. Their affiliate program could be a good fit for audiences with a strong interest in solar-powered technology, such as real estate developers or AirBnb hosts.

Aco Power is a California-based retailer of portable solar equipment for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency workers. Their solar powered coolers, off-grid solar panels, generators, and inverters are popular with customers who want to power their outdoor adventures without leaving the comfort of home.

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