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About Buyers Agents Melbourne Here

A Buyers Agent is an independent professional who represents your best interests in a property purchase by providing research and negotiation services. They work for a fee, which is generally a flat rate or a percentage of the purchase price. A buyers’ agent does not sell real estate. By law, an agent cannot act for both sides of the transaction.

First-Time Homebuyers in Melbourne: Why You Need a Buyer’s Agent

If you are looking for a Buyers Agents Melbourne Here, you will want to choose an agent who has experience and knowledge of the market. Ideally, they should specialise in the suburbs where you are interested in purchasing property. You should also ask them about their fees and how they are structured.

Amanda Jones is a local specialist who uses her past experience on both sides of real estate to provide insights and support her clients through the buying process. She focuses on family homes, prestige properties and units. Her unique insight allows her to spot opportunities quickly and negotiate the lowest possible price.

Jim helps his clients make smarter decisions and purchase outstanding property that will grow in value over time. He has strong relationships with agents across Melbourne and is able to secure off-market properties before they hit the market. He is particularly suited to the Bayside and South Yarra areas of Melbourne.

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