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A Guide For Achieving Successful Tantra Practice

Tantra practitioner training is a process of learning to administer tantra massage in a loving, compassionate way. In order to train in tantra, one must be a student of tantra and devote time and energy to the study of tantra massage and to life as a whole. This involves study of anatomy and physiology, energy, tantra philosophy and theology, breathing techniques, karma yoga and jnana yoga, as well as a variety of chanting and meditation practices. Most tantra students also undergo training in tantra sadhana, which calls for a life-long dedication to the practice of tantra and to the spiritual realization of the tantric principles it teaches. Useful website –

The Anthony Robins Guide To Tantra Practitioner Training

The primary emphasis of tantra practitioner training is the study of the ancient tantric scriptures. After training, a tantra master is required to pass a stringent examination called “doshasan” that tests the student’s knowledge of tantra’s primary teachings – satya, on, prana, mantra, jnana and kundalini. After the doshasan is passed, the trainee is eligible for initiation into the sadhu (teacher) of a sadhu. The sadhus are usually female and are known as “saints.” In addition to teaching the tantra techniques to their pupils, sadhus perform the sacred rituals that initiate the student into the spiritual world of tantra.

It is not difficult to find a tantra teacher. Many local organizations offering tantra training are available. You can also check out websites that offer tantra teacher training courses. Online instructions and prerequisites are usually very clear. Most schools have a brief description about their programs on their websites, and you should always ask questions before enrolling. By following these basic steps, you should have an enjoyable and successful tantra practitioner training experience.

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