Day: March 11, 2024

Electric Cars for Sale in 2024Electric Cars for Sale in 2024

Electric cars for sale make up a small percentage of the US auto market today, but that proportion is growing as manufacturers expand range and performance while making it easier to recharge. Those factors have combined to give electric cars a broad appeal to shoppers across different budgets and lifestyles.

In 2024, buyers can choose from a wide array of models that offer zero-emissions driving and a compelling, car-like experience on the road. There are also affordable options like the 2024 Nissan Leaf S with a 40-kilowatt-hour battery starting at $28,140 (plus $1,095 destination charge), which qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit. Another affordable option is the 2024 BMW i5, which offers a similar driving experience to its conventionally powered sibling with the added benefit of an electric-only driving range of up to 200 miles.

Exploring the Benefits: Electric Car for Sale

Even though EVs cost more than their gas-powered counterparts, they often save money in the long run on fuel costs and maintenance. That’s because electric motors typically require fewer mechanical parts than traditional engines and use less oil. However, shoppers should be careful to consider additional options or upgrades that may reduce an EV’s efficiency and range. For example, large wheels can add to an EV’s sticker price while lowering its EPA-estimated fuel economy numbers. Likewise, roof racks and performance packages can also have a big impact on an EV’s fuel efficiency. Luckily, EVs have warranty coverage that lasts well beyond bumper-to-bumper coverage. Most EVs come with eight-year, 100,000-mile battery warranties.