Day: June 15, 2023

Does Vape Trigger a Smoke Alarm?Does Vape Trigger a Smoke Alarm?

Whether you’re vaping in your own home, a does vape trigger smoke alarm space that allows it or in a workplace, it’s always good to be aware of how the area’s smoke detector or fire alarm works. While they’re there to help keep us safe from the threat of fire they can also be triggered by a range of airborne particles such as dust, steam and kitchen smoke. Given that e-cigarettes are vapour and not smoke it should follow that this shouldn’t happen, but in some cases, it can – particularly if the smoke detector is more sensitive or you use a powerful device that creates dense clouds of vapour.

Doing some simple research will help you understand the likelihood of your vape triggering a smoke alarm. This will depend on the type of device you’re using, the size of the room and how it’s ventilated.

If you’re an MTL vaper with a disposable or pod device then you shouldn’t experience any issues. If you’re a DTL vaper using a sub-ohm tank and high-VG E-Liquids then this will be more likely to trigger an alarm, but again, it’s down to the device and how much cloud you’re producing.

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There are three main types of fire alarms and detectors; ionisation, optical and multi-sensor. Ionisation smoke detectors are primarily designed to detect smoke particles and will be most likely to set off by a puff of your e-cigarette. Optical fire detectors are more sensitive and can be triggered by anything that breaks the infrared beam such as steam, dust and vapour, even if it’s not smoke. Finally, heat detectors are often used in kitchens and work based on temperature rather than particle changes and are unlikely to be triggered by your vapor.