Day: April 11, 2023

ADI Leak DetectionADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection are specialists in locating hidden underground/ underfloor water leaks pinpointing the exact leak location using non-invasive technology!

ADI Leak Detection or damaged equipment can cause leaks that don’t happen in one shot but slowly and steadily creep along causing increasing damage over time. Even small and seemingly insignificant leaks can result in significant water damage, affecting building and profits.

Whether your business is large or small, leaks can have a huge impact on day-to-day operations and workforce as well as stock damage and high water consumption costs. Hence it is vital to find a reliable and trustworthy leak detection company to help you solve your problem as soon as possible!

How ADI Leak Detection Can Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

A specialized company based in Yorkshire, ADI Leak Detection are engineers specialising in a non-invasive investigation technique. They use advanced tools such as thermal imaging cameras to pinpoint the exact leak location ensuring a fast and accurate solution.

This method is particularly effective in identifying the location of leaks in oil pipelines. This is a distributed temperature sensing (DTS) technique which measures the heat difference between an object and its surrounding.

Thermograms are generated and analysed by a sophisticated analytic software component. A leak appearing within an analytic region is immediately analyzed for its attributes, including thermal temperature, size and behaviour (e.g. spilling, pooling or spraying).

This method is ideal for detecting leaks in water-containing pipelines during service and can be used for both steady-state and transient conditions with excellent sensitivity. It is a non-invasive and highly efficient system that uses RTTM technology with statistical methods to prevent false alarms.