Day: November 10, 2022

Types of Sources Used by WritersTypes of Sources Used by Writers


Generally, Source are written materials or objects that are used to gather and record information. The type of source material that a writer uses depends on the purpose for which the source is intended. A writer may use both primary and secondary sources.

A primary source is a document written directly by the subject of the writing. A secondary source is a document that is based on the study of another document. A secondary source is often used to give an explanation of a primary source.

The main purpose of a source is to provide timely information on a certain topic. This includes giving an idea of how things happen and how people got to the point they are at. It is also used to support an argument.

Bonus features

A source can be a person, a place, a document, a video, or a piece of art. It can be a spoken or written statement. It can also be a graphic representation.

A primary source is directly related to the era, the subject, or the person who created the document. It can be a document written by a scientist or an author who is working on a specific topic. A secondary source is a document written by a person who knows something about the era, the subject, or the document. It can be a book, a newspaper report, or a document written in a scientific journal.

A tertiary source is a source that provides the reader with additional information. It can include encyclopedias, textbooks, fact books, manuals, and reference materials.